This is a supposed trend nowadays that seldom delivers the required success.

If the desired success fails management often increase the dose according to law: “far too much”.

Unfortunately it sounds like:
„more cheaper“ – „more faster“ – „much better“ = „work harder“ !

The bill looks like this:

  • Jobs are destroyed (or transferred into Low-Cost countries)
  • Employees feel resignation and burn out
  • Quality suffers and innovations lay down

Although we intent to target the opposite:

  • to recover our success
  • to ensure our survival
Good to know: We cannot force success.

Constraint lead to more constraints – Pressure lead to counter pressure.
Or metaphorically speaking: „A refugee is not planting trees.“

Do you want your team to invest into the future, to plant trees?

  • Change Cheap-Thinking to Efficiency-Thinking!
  • Change Problem-Thinking to thinking in solutions!
  • See challenges in global markets instead of threads!

Discover all these treasures in your products, designs, applications, processes and tools and go to lift it. Feel attracted by the possible results that you can achieve together. It’s your personel decision:


… for yourself – for your team – for your company.

Doing so you convert fears into trust, doubts into confidence and problems into innovative solutions.

Success will come – „guaranteed“.

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